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Storm Damage Repairs

Repairing your roof after a storm can be costly. Read More...

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Request a quote for your roofing needs. Visit the About US page to view our coverage areas. Read More...

Other Services

Trade Coat is your total roofing expert Trade Coat offer other services for items that are part of your roof. From installing whirly birds to cleaning of your solar panels. Read More...

Roof Repairs

Damaged roofs can lead to more problems down the road. Old, broken, unsealed tiles or insecurely fastened metal sheets can lead to water damage inside your roof cavity and inside your home. Read More...

Roof Cleaning

Years of dirt, dust, sap and weather can make your roof look old and boring. A roof clean from Trade Coat can improve the look of your roof, and restore it's original charm*. Read More...

Roof Restoration

Is your roof looking a little weary? You could add thousands of dollars of value to your home with a roof restoration. Read More...

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    Storm Repair

    Is your roof ready for Storm Season?

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